Donor companies and organisations can benefit from broadcasting 'team building' days

For support of Hereward Media's objectives, businesses will have access to a different form of experience for their staff - the chance to make their own television show, a practical and fun activity day .

When dealing with charities, many companies making a donation still want to see some sort of return on their investment. Hereward Media sees this as a reasonable position to take, so for organisations who want to justify their involvement with us we have something different to bring to the table.

We would therefore like to make available a different technique for team building. This is a method which is allied to our broadcasting outputs, and will be useful as well as informative. We call it 'The End of the World Show'.

Hereward Media provide the location for your next team meeting, at our studios, and you advise all staff that it will be an all-day meeting. This ensures they make their work and domestic arrangements accordingly. The first positive in this set-up is straight away all staff are away from the office, and the inevitable distractions which come with not being far from work desks.

As part of the initial discussions for the exercise, you get the chance to let us know the key messages you are looking to put over to your staff via this session. Television broadcasting is a perfect medium to re-enforce a way of thinking as it will be so memorable for all those involved.

The day begins with Hereward Media's trainer briefing the managers on what is going to happen, and then create teams for them that combine staff from different locations. Each team then decides who is going to carry out which role within the activities. Plans are drawn up, and the final product to produce is an actual 'live' show of no more than five minutes in duration. To add to the tension, they also have a slot to fill in a pre-defined schedule, so the clock is ticking right from the start.

What seems to begin a regular meeting, just in a different setting to what is usual, suddenly takes an unexpected turn. A disaster has happened, one that we will work with you to define, but the bottom line is that this is the end of the World as we know it. The participants are on 'lockdown' in the building, unable to leave. With only a skeleton crew of production staff on hand, it is up to those present to take on the task of informing the public as to what has happened.

The team will be under pressure to report the news, by whatever means they wish. With limited time, the participants must complete a series of challenges while planning, script writing, rehearsing and getting ready to broadcast their programme segment.

Everyone has a role to play in their team, and will contribute to the overall output. Introverts can be involved as scriptwriters and camera operators, working behind-the-scenes to develop the content and style of the production. Extroverts can play the presenters and other 'on screen' talent, and work to entertain and impress the viewers - who will be the other staff members.

Within the scenario, teams must also communicate important key messages from within your company. The broadcast can include a conventional news delivery and feature, and maybe even a weather forecast. All this can make teams think about what the future will consist of. Whether you are reinforcing key messages from a conference or seminar, a business plan, or a new product or initiative, the activity strengthens the learning experience, and aids essential fact recall.

Time management, presentation and planning skills are all important aspects of this team building activity. In addition it will encourage lateral thinking, cross-team collaborations and incorporation of your company's philosophies and objectives.

Preparing for their broadcast, participants can earn rewards, complete tricky tasks and even dress up via our prop and costume box.

After all teams have concluded their broadcasts, they can watch the results together and provide feedback. The winning team can be decided by either the teams themselves, or we can provide expert judges to provide a critique of the work and decide who is victorious.

All participants will be offered the chance to take away a DVD of the broadcasts to share with family and friends.

Pricing for this exercise will depend on the numbers who will be involved, and other factors within the structure and execution of the day - all of which you can decide upon. 

Contact Hereward Media to discuss your requirements, and we will put together a specific project plan for your company. There are many ways to tackle this exercise, and we will work with you to devise a scenario which will work best for you.