Social interaction in broadcasting is essential both in front of and behind the cameras

While Hereward Media will be looking to discover the next generation of on-air personalities, there will be a vast number of behind-the-scenes staff who will learn valuable negotiation and team-building skills.

With our training academy, Hereward Media is here to serve our community by managing a creative hub, allowing for citizens to learn new skills, reach across cultural divides to cement new friendships, and provide stimulating activities with outputs that everyone can be proud of. The results of their training provide the programmes for our Local TV station, Hereward Television.

Aside from the technical side of skills training, the other important part of team working which comes from these activities is the social interaction. Communication is key within this industry, and you can understand why this area of participative development is encapsulated in our working practices. Beneficiaries will need to make their case, put over often complex information in an understandable way, and negotiate and influence on a variety of matters.

These will be elements which our training courses will include within their parameters. Those in front of the cameras will be expected to develop such skills, but they are equally as relevant to those in the background, behind the scenes, making the magic happen.

Here are just some of the roles which you, or other beneficiaries, could be filling:

  • Researchers;
  • Writers;
  • Producers;
  • Directors;
  • Camera people;
  • Sound engineers;
  • Vision mixers, and
  • Editors.

This is, of course, on top of presenters and programme format creators, which are always the most over-subscribed roles within our landscape.

No experience is necessary for any of these roles, as full training will be given.

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, then get in touch with us and introduce yourself – VISIT THE CONTACT PAGE and supply us with your details and interests.