TV and Film Review shows will be more participative for 'Gogglebox' generation

Hereward Television has two new formats of interest for those who adore fictional movies and TV - "Ministry of Cineology" will look at the big screen, while "Cult TV Unleashed" will focus on the small screen.

Hereward Television will be looking to what's on the big screen, and on other TV channels, as part of its range of programmes which will be originated by those taking training courses with Hereward Media.

First up is the Ministry of Cineology, which will not only be looking at the new releases, but delving into the vaults to see what elusive gems can be uncovered. It will also look at the influences from the past which modern movies are turning to, and ensuring the input of our area’s cinema goers into recommendations which will be made every week.

And then there's Cult TV Unleashed. Deriving from the long-running annual Cult TV Festival, this format is based on a pilot episode produced way back in 2002. Finally, its time has come, as extraordinary fictional television from the past and present is celebrated.

Cult TV Unleashed will help you navigate around the multichannel landscape, in order to find out what's out there to watch or archive in your digibox. We'll also be looking at TV-based DVD and Blu-ray releases, and uncovering stars before they were famous, the overlooked shows, and the stuff which grabbed the ratings in days gone by.

Both formats will be used as training grounds for our charity's beneficiaries, where there will be opportunities both in front of and behind the cameras to put the training Hereward Media provides into a practical scenario.