New series of Doomwatch to be part of Hereward TV launch night

Hereward Television will initially look to be available for one evening a week, with Thursday being provisionally earmarked for the 'launch night'. This will then build as more outputs are produced by those taking part in Hereward Media's training courses, gradually filling the schedule across the entire week.

One tried and tested format which will return on Hereward Television is an alternative current affairs format called Doomwatch. Already, 57 episodes have been produced, at a length of around two hours for each instalment.

Alex Geairns, Director of Hereward Media and the producer/presenter for the series noted: 'Doomwatch is very definitely 'launch night' material. It sets out our stall perfectly, with the show going out live, demonstrating our policy for encouraging audience interaction, and showcasing our content policy in the best light.'

The previous series of Doomwatch was considered a 'radio show with pictures', going out on a community radio station, but with video of being able to see what was happening in the studio. Guests would be interviewed via Skype in sound and vision, and each edition was available to view live on YouTube.

'The only thing that will be different is we will be doing everything we can to get defenders of conventional wisdom to defend their views', noted Alex. 'It will be a genuine debate, where neither side will be able to utter unsubstantiated phrases like 'that's nonsense' or carry out attacks against the person, known as the infamous 'ad hominem' approach to engagement'.

David Johnson, Service Director for Hereward Media commented: 'This is what is as exciting as anything else about the Hereward Television project - the results of the efforts of our beneficiaries can really make a difference to the audience.

'Our beneficiaries will be providing our community with relevant and different material of community interest', David continued. 'We aim to primarily provide a gateway for skills training and programme making via our educational facility'.

Television advertising will be affordable with Hereward Television, and on a par with other media in terms of costs per thousand, with prices from £500 per month.

With regular news bulletins and current affairs formats, Hereward Television will provide the ancillary output of programmes across a range of genres and interests. Within the schedules the Trustees hope that everyone in the Peterborough and Fenlands area will have at least one 'appointment to view' the station every week.

Genres that beneficiaries will be encouraged to deliver in their course work will include:

  • Sport
  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Business
  • Politics
  • Arts
  • Culture
  • History

One particular area which Hereward Television wants to tackle is health 0 an issue which is becoming more concerning as the years go by. Alex noted: 'We are in the situation where conditions we had hardly ever heard about are becoming more prevalent. It's a lifestyle issue in many of these cases, so we hope that these can be addressed via some of the programme formats devised by our beneficiaries'.

From students and young professionals, to retired people and families with children, Hereward Television has the potential to be a training ground for many in need, and eventually reaching around 350,000 homes in Cambridgeshire and the Fenlands. More will be able to 'tune in' via the online broadcasts, which will be available right across the world.