The station you can really call your own seeks funding

There is a school of thought that setting up a training establishment which has as its ancillary output a Television station is going to be an expensive project. In years gone by this may well have been the case. However, well over a decade and a half into the 21st Century and the steady march of technology, and the declining costs for even the most advanced of gadgets, means that so much can be achieved these days for so little outlay.

Hereward Media aims to be self-sufficient and sustainable by the end of its third year. By that point, advertising should be a regular income stream, allowing for all the beneficiaries who can see how high-tech training can help their job prospects to be served by our activities.

However, in the meantime, we have to start somewhere, and in order to get going we will need modest amounts of seed capital - funding to purchase the essentials to bring the project to lift-off. Donations of any size, clubbed together, will bring a successful launch nearer to fruition. Indeed, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that a single donor could easily be the solution to the funding for the first three years - in all, our Business Plan notes that for those three years everything can be made to happen with an investment of just £500,000 overall - and that's not per year, that is for the entire three years. In comparison, this is a very modest outlay to achieve so much, which will be of benefit to hundreds of people in our geographical area.

In order to make all the funding we receive go as far as possible, there are ways to use 'giving in kind'. In other words, where a financial donation is not a possibility, there are items which the project needs which could help with the set-up and running of the operation. 

Here are some ideas of just some of what we need, any and all of which will be duly credited at our website, making you one of our 'Launch Supporters':

TV and Radio broadcast equipment - it doesn't have to be new, just in a condition that is good enough to use. Microphones, booms, video cameras, tripods, mixing and output desks, cabling, headphones, CD players, DVD/Blu-ray recorders, software, etc.

Computers - We don't need state of the art, just with a fairly good memory and processors that are fast enough to cope with general day-to-day use.

Office furniture - desks, chairs, phones, filing cabinets, etc.

Skills - painters and decorators, electricians, plumbers, handymen, phone engineers, security equipment specialists and so forth will all be needed to bring our chosen premises up to standard. If it's needed around an office, we will be likely to need support in-kind within that area.

No matter what it might be, do enquire as to whether we could use what you have as surplus to your requirements.

Together we can build something that we can all be proud of.

PLEASE CONTACT US to arrange a meeting to discuss the possibilities...