The objectives of Hereward Media are to advance the education and training of the inhabitants of Peterborough and its surrounding areas in broadcasting and audio, video and media skills techniques. We are a Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee, which means all profits are invested back into the project. This really is "the station you can really call your own".

Our Directors are also our Charity Trustees, and they bring to this project all the necessary skills to fulfill our charitable objectives - specifically to advance the education and training of the inhabitants of Peterborough and its surrounding areas in broadcasting and audio, video and media skills techniques. As an ancillary output from the courses we provide, which will be addressing the high-tech skills shortages via learning which can then be applied to a whole variety of careers, we will also bring a Local TV service to Peterborough and the Fenlands, through as many delivery routes as possible. What better way for the work of our beneficiaries to be admired than through it being in on the television screens of their own communities?

We are also in the process of forming a board of Business Trustees - these will be leaders and consultants with an interest in our region, who are prepared to assist us in being as good as we can possibly be in everything we undertake. Their specialisms will include training, computers and information technology, standards setting in broadcast engineering, administration, journalism, customer and community relations, advertising, arts and culture, human resources, law, social media, internet-based communications, design, statutory compliance, and business and leisure.

Alex J Geairns MCIM

Role: Station Director
Mission Impossible Alter Ego: Jim Phelps

Alex left his Civil Service career after 20 years in Public Sector communications (publishing, marketing and PR) over six years ago, and quickly achieved a degree of notoriety on Sky television for his year as the presenter and producer of On the Edge for Edge Media's Controversial TV channel (2011-2012).

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Jim Boulton

Role: Content Director
Mission Impossible Alter Ego: Rollin Hand

Achieving a degree of fame and notoriety for presenting the cult 'Rurality Show' on Peterborough FM, Jim has had a long association with music and entertainment, which he has mixed in alongside his full-time work of being a qualified designer for 30 years in the world of luxury boats and 'super yachts'.

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Jade Cawthorn

Role: Communities Director
Mission Impossible Alter Ego: Cinnamon Carter

Jade is the Communities Director for Hereward Television. She brings previous experience in telesales, canvassing, customer service and brand representation to the station’s armoury, all useful to spreading the word. Jade is looking forward to the challenge of pitching to community groups, local societies and charities.

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David Johnson

Role: Service Director
Mission Impossible Alter Ego: Willy Armitage

David has been a keen amateur film maker, based in the Fenland region of the Hereward TV broadcast area for several years. This has been mainly with local directors in the Sawston area, and with 20Twenty Productions in March - a community arts organisation. He has been involved with script writing, camera work and editing.

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