March 2015

Virgin Media agree in principle to carry Hereward Television in advance of being awarded a licence for Freeview broadcasting. This represents a major cornerstone in the station's strategy.

Whilst training is what drives the objectives of Hereward Media, it is equally important that the projects our beneficiaries carry out receive as wide an audience as possible. It will become a positive feedback loop where further potential beneficiaries will get to see our work, and in particular that of those who have become our students can demonstrate what can now be possible. As such, it becomes a pro-active advert to encourage others to become involved.

On this basis, we have prepared our route to people's living rooms as being via online broadcasts first, then followed by a channel on Virgin Media, with BT TV and TalkTalk TV to follow soon after. Eventually, we will be seeking Ofcom to make a licence available to broadcast on Freeview, on Channel 7 for our region, allowing us access to the way television is received by 76% of the UK population.